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Thank you for coming.

View 2022 Festival photos by photographer Marc Longbrake

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Thes Fest Escape Room

Did you break open your tickets in time for the show? View your group photos here!

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NE Theatre Advocacy Day: March 1, 2022

School theatre exeperiences teach vital skills for life in the 21st century. Students, teachers, and legislators: thank YOU for being part of Nebraska Thespians' first annual Arts Advocacy Day for Theatre in Our Schools month!

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Thanks to everyone who attended the 2022 Nebraska State Thespian Festival!

Festival wasn't the same without seeing you all in-person, and we are so grateful to have returned to downtown Omaha with you all this year. To the attendees, colleges and vendors, guest artists, volunteers, troupe directors, staff, and all others involved: thank you.


Please share your festival experiences on social media using #nebthesfest22, and join us throughout the spring for our upcoming events!


March 1: Arts Advocacy Day for Theatre in Our Schools month - Nebraska State Capitol Building, Lincoln

March 29: Nebraska Thespians sees Hadestown - Orpheum Theatre, Omaha


Have a show or theatre event at your school that you would like to advertise to the Nebraska Thespians community? Email

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About Us

Nebraska Thespians is one of the chapters of the Educational Theatre Association which sponsors the International Thespian Society.

Thespian troupes are chartered in public and private schools through the country. Nebraska Thespians has troupes all across the state in both public and private schools, representing excellence in theatre education.

As an educational honor society, we are dedicated to encouraging and improving the skills of theatre  students throughout Nebraska. A student can be inducted into a local Thespian troupe after earning  points by working in school, community, and/or professional theater both on and behind the stage.

Meeting Information

Nebraska Thespians has all state delegation board meetings a few times a year. Each school can bring three students with the Troupe Director as State Representatives to these meetings to work more closely on our State Thespian Festival Activities. Questions contact

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