Emily Mokrycki

Emily Mokrycki

Co-Chapter Director

School/Affiliation:  Omaha Burke High School


Emily grew up in Des Moines, Iowa were she attended Hoover High School and was inducted into troupe #4916.  She then went on to graduate from Dana College in 2004 with a B.A. in English Education with an emphasis in theatre arts and got her M.A. in Theatre in 2011 from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Emily has worked for Omaha Public Schools for thirteen years, seven at Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School and her last six at Burke High School where she serves at the Troupe Director for troupe #4138. She has been highly involved in the Omaha Theatre Community serving as a board member for the Theatre Arts Guild for nine years and has helped coordinate Workshops at the Nebraska Thespians State Festival for the last four years.



To create effective communication between Nebraska Thespian troupes

Encourage more students and high schools to become active participants in Nebraska Thespian meetings and events.

I have demonstrated my dedication to the Nebraska Thespians over the last four years through coordinating both the Workshop Sessions at our State Festival and organizing, hosting and running our annual Leadership Retreat. I, along with my students, attend many of the monthly meetings and participate in discussions for improvements for the Nebraska Thespians.

Organization is one of my greatest strengths, especially being organized in the way I communicate with my students, fellow teachers and parents.  I strive to communicate information early and make sure people have time to ask questions and raise concerns. This would be one of my number one goals, to have open communication that happens well in advance of any event or meeting.  As Chapter Director I will allow everyone, students and teachers, to have a voice.

I am extremely passionate about not only teaching theatre at my own school, but also helping create a community across the state in which we are working together and supporting each other to tell our stories. As Chapter Director Elect a goal I have is to create more efficient monthly meetings and continue to create ways for high schools that aren’t close to the meetings to be able to participate either via Skype or pre-meeting communication.  I think this is a something we are moving towards in the coming years and I am passion to continue to involve ALL high schools across the state. Being inclusive of all voices and well as being welcoming to new teachers is a passion of mine.

In conclusion, I believe I have the dedication, organization skills and passion to be a positive, effective leader for Nebraska Thespians. I also believe that I am flexible and willing to collaborate which is why I believe it would be best to be a Co-Chapter Director Elect with Brooke Phillips who holds these same values and skills.  Working together I think we will be able to accomplish more than we could individually, which ultimately will be beneficial for Nebraska Thespians as a whole.

Contact: Chapterdirector@nebstatethespian.com