Directions for Registration 2017 - 2018

STEP 1: Gather the following information from your students:
*Note: Sample Form to gather this information is included as the first page in the Student Registration Packet. Feel free to adjust this sample form for your troupe as needed.
a. Completed Code of Conduct and Consent, Acceptance and Heath Form
b. T-Shirt Size
c. Interest in Improv Challenge, Theatre Tech Challenge, Devised Theatre, Nebraska Thespian Scholarship, and College Auditions
d. Individual Event information including play/musical, author and publisher. Students can only select ONE category.


STEP 2: Register for hotel rooms at Embassy Suites. Nebraska Thespians has a block of rooms set aside for the price of $137 per room—max of four delegates to a room. These rooms can be booked before the final rooming list is completed, but a final rooming list must be submitted with names to Embassy Suites by December 1, 2017. Contact Megan Smith directly to book rooms. Contact information below:
Megan Smith
402 473 4700

*SPECIAL NOTE FOR 2018: Due to a Show Choir Competition taking place the same weekend as our State Festival, book rooms EARLY. If the block of rooms at Embassy Suites are gone, make sure to find alternate accommodations EARLY.


STEP 3: Fill out Google form at the link below or on the Nebraska Thespians website. The deadline to turn in the Google form is NOVEMBER 20, 2017.

STEP 4: After the Google form has been submitted an invoice and the Delegate Info Spreadsheet will be emailed to the Thespian Troupe Director. The Delegate Info Spreadsheet will CLOSE ONE WEEK FROM THE TIME THE FORM WAS SENT. Please be sure to accurately submit Individual Event Source material and clearly label I.E. partnerships and groups. After the Delegate Info Spreadsheet has closed CHANGES WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED IF APPROVED BY THE CHAPTER DIRECTOR AND SUBMITTED BEFORE NOVEMBER 27, 2017.


STEP 5: Scan and email all Code of Conduct (students only) and Consent, Acceptance and Health forms to


STEP 6: Make check payable to the NEBRASKA THESPIANS for the total amount on invoice.
Mail your payment to:
Nebraska Thespians
Attn: Treasurer
PO Box 24341
Omaha Ne 68124


STEP 7: Submit the SCHOOL PRINCIPAL APPROVAL FORM electronically or with payment to acknowledge understanding of the cancellation/refund policy.
Your registration is not complete until all paperwork is submitted electronically and your payment is received.

Your registration is not complete until all paperwork is submitted electronically and your payment is received.  If you have any questions please email me and I will help in any way that I can. You can reach me at